PC Campana

P.C. Campana: the master provider for the steel, foundry and tubing industries in North America and abroad. Our products work more and earn more for your company. It’s that simple.

P.C. Campana understands the needs of steel companies. Since 1969, through our four divisions, Tube Supplier, Caldo Torch, Alloy Cored Wire and Mini Riser, we have heavily invested in the manufacturing of premium products to help steel companies reduce risk, maximize production, enhance speed and efficiency and eliminate waste.

Led by a team of industry experts, we offer our customers leading hand held mini oxygen cutting systems, highly insulated exothermic risers and burning bars, alloy cored wire feeders for ladle treatment and state-of-the-art cored wire feeding systems.

P.C. Campana commits to innovation, quality products, service excellence and cost-effective solutions to the steel and foundry industries. The company enjoys a remarkable reputation with multifaceted capabilities and cutting edge products that set them apart.

Learn more about our divisions and division specific products. Alloy Cored Wire, produces top quality cored wire feeders and other products relating to cored wire feeding systems. Caldo Torch, with its innovative caldo cutting torch and advanced concrete cutting equipment, oxygen cutting systems, lance pipes, burning bars and underwater welding products caldo cutting torch products provide excellence in exothermic products. Tube Supplier has advanced tubular products. Finally, Mini Riser, with several exothermic foundry supplies, including exothermic risers, exothermic cutting systems, exothermic sleeves and insulating sleeves.

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